Lash Extensions & Brow Services

All of Bella's signature faux mink eyelashes are handmade insuring quality and consistency. Lashes can be customized for each client depending on eye shape, color and client preference.


Full Classic Set

$150 | 2hr 30 min

2 Week Fill$501hr
3 Week Fill
$651hr 15min
4 Week Fill$801hr 30min
New Client Fill$65 and up1hr 30min

Full Hybrid Set

$175 | 3hr

2 Week Fill$651hr 30min
3 Week Fill
$801hr 45min
4 Week Fill$952hr
New Client Fill$80 and up1hr 45min

Volume Full Set

$200 | 2hr 30min

2 Week Fill$801hr 45min
3 Week Fill
4 Week Fill$1102hr 30min
New Client Fill$95 and up2hr

Additional Lash Services

Lash Removal$3525min
Lash Cleanse (removing mascara)
Lash Lift (lasts 6-8wks)
Lash Tint (last 2-3wks)
Lift and Tint$951hr


Brow Wax$1515min
Brow Tint$1015min
Wax and Tint$2030min